How to Care?

First Vaccination

The puppies will receive their first vaccination (C3) when they are 6-8 weeks old. C3 vaccination covers Parvovirus, Distemper and Canine Infectious Hepatitis.

Second Vaccination

Four weeks after receiving C3, the puppies should be given a 2nd vaccination (C7). C7 covers Leptospirosis and Coronavirus. The first two vaccination shots are compulsory for puppies.

Third Vaccination (Optional)

After four weeks from receiving a C7, a third vaccination (C5) can be given, but it is optional. C5 vaccination covers those in a C3 vaccination plus additional cover for Bordetella and Canine parainfluenza virus. You can discuss with your vet to decide if it is necessary for your puppy to get a C5.

From here onwards your Shiba Inu needs only come back to do a general health check and Kennel Cough vaccination once a year.

Outdoor Activities

You can take your puppy out for a walk 3-4 days after taking the 2nd vaccination. Go out on a sunny warm day and limit the outdoor time within 20-30minutes. The puppies still need lots of sleeping time, playing/walking longer than 30minutes may let them feel exhausted later.



Worming your Shiba Inu internally and externally on regular basis, especially when your dog has frequent contact with other doggy friends at Dog Park or Dog Day Care Centre. If you found redness or bald spots on your Shiba Inu, go to see your vet for inspection.

There are some general skin care products that can be used for skin irritation. Regular grooming on their fur, ear, nails, sole will help with protecting their coat and skin.