How to Equip?

AKAKUMO Starter Pack

The below items are included in the Akakumo Starter Pack.These are very handy and reliable tools that can be used for a very long time.


Other items a new owner need to prepare in advance.


Depends on whether you are getting your puppy in Summer or Winter, different types of beds are requried. For VIC, SA and TAS that has a long winter season, preparing a warm comfortable winter bed is important



Food & Water Bowls                                                                     Dog Pen

Checklist of Other General Items:

    • Puppy Dog Food
    • Puppy Worming Pills
    • Dog Shampoo and Towel
    • Some Toys (Refer to How to Play page)
    • Nail Clippers
    • Small pack of Nappy
    • Travel Matt for back seat of car
    • Pet Insurance