How to Groom?

Brushes & Combs

There are different types of combs. Some are good for a massage, some are handy tools during the hair shedding season. You may find yourself start collecting different types of combs for your shiba Inu. Good news is most of them are not expensive.

Take your time and pay attention to places where tangles, like the base of the ears, can grow. Take this time as well to ensure that its skin is in good condition without any redness, irritation or bald spots. Taking off his collar while you clean him to thoroughly comb the neck area and make sure the skin is not rubbed in that position.

Bath & Shampoo

Shiba Inu likes to groom themselves, they may not cumulate unpleasant odour as quick as the other breeds. Once a month or no often than once a fortnight is adequate. Excessive bathing will strip the natural oils on the skin and coat too frequently and may create skin problems.

Do not use human shampoo and conditioner on your dog. Dog shampoos and conditioners are of mild and gentle hypoallergenic ingredients. For dogs with skin conditions your local vet can advise what type of shampoo or product to use to help manage or treat specific skin problems.

Scissors & Clippers

Shiba Inu has medium length bristle hair that are not easily get tangled. Scissors and clippers are helpful tool with trimming hair around Shiba Inu’s legs, sole and bottom.

If you see signs of redness, swelling, or infection it’s best to visit your veterinarian before attempting to groom the area.