How to Play?

Shiba Inus are energetic and active dogs that require both mental and physical exercise every day in order to stay happy, healthy, and out of trouble.


Fetch and Tug Game
Young Shiba Inus like to play fetch and tug games, especially during the wet season when going out becomes inconvenient. A simple fetch & tug game at home with the owner will keep them entertained.

Chewy Toy
Puppies like to chew during the time of changing teeth. Although Shiba Inus are not typical home ‘destroyer’ breed, you may occasionally find a bitten corner at the base of wall or the legs of furniture. Some chewy toys will keep them busy, or giving them a hard board box to shred can let them release all their extra energies. Some chewy toys can also help with their oral clean.


Hide and Find Treat
Shiba Inus have a great sense of smell. A fun and entertaining game for both you and your dog involves hiding treats around the house and watching as your pup sniffs them out. If you are worried of getting the house messy, treats toys are good alternatives. The toys can keep your dog occupied for a long time. The stubborn nature of a Shiba will ensure he or she doesn’t give up until all the treats are found!