How to Train?

Obedience Training

Many people comment that Shiba Inuss can be strong-willed and hard to train. Is Shiba Inus difficult to train?

The answer is Yes and No.

Shiba Inus do have their unique personality and temperament . They are cautious and tend to build strong bonding with a trusted owner. You may see a Shiba Inu behave very well with the owner, but, seem careless and mischievous to others. This is because they are shy, and when they are feeling insecure even food and treats cannot get their attention.

Building a trusting relationship takes time, so before you hurry into training a Shiba Inu, make sure you also give them lots of love, care and patience, and respect them.

Social Skill Training

It is important to have social skill training early for your Shiba Inu. This training can start as early as they finished their 2nd vaccination. You can do this by going to a puppy school. Shiba Inus are shy and get nervous easily. The early they interact with other puppies the easier it is for them to socialise with other doggy friends in the future.

Shiba Inus are highly sensitive dogs and if handled too aggressively, you will lose their trust. The bond between you and your Shiba could also suffer.

Before training starts, make sure that both you and your Shiba Inu are in good spirits. It is important to find what motivates your Shiba to follow commands. Dog treats and positive reinforcement are often the best motivators for Shiba Inus.

Off-leash Walking

Off-leash walking is not recommended for Shiba Inu. They are of hunt dog nature and like to chase birds and run off freely. Chasing a running off Shiba is a despairing experience that you don’t want to have. However, we do have quite a few AKAKUMO members able to walk their Shiba Inu well without a leash. Again, this is based on strong trusting relationship the dog has with their owner and individual Shiba’s personality. If you do want to try this training, make sure you start the training of calling back in a fenced dog park first. Also, having a daily routine of outdoor walking is helpful, so your Shiba Inu doesn’t get over excited when they going outside.