How to Treat?

Shiba Inus are not keen eaters because they are picky about food. Be careful not to over treat your Shiba Inu, otherwise, they may become not interested of normal dog food.Over treating them with high protein dog treats may also cause temporary stomach problem or give them tear marks. Oral clean sticks can be good substitutes for high protein treats.

Treats can be broken into small pieces and provided to your Shiba Inu during training. When they respond to a command correctly, a small piece of treats can be given as a reward and motivate them to remember the correct action and continue training.

When buying treats, there are lots of healthy treats on the market, so check out the back of the packet and ask your vet’s advice about the best choices for your dogs. Always look for puppy treats that contain real ingredients like meat, chicken and fish, and avoid options that are high in sugar, preservatives and saturated fats. Treats with dental benefits and lots of vitamins and nutrients are a great way to keep them healthy.