How to Walk?

Collar and Harness

Most Shiba Inus don’t like walking with leash on collar. It’s easier for them to accept harness. You can still keep a collar for the sake of wearing a name and contact plate, and put on a harness and leash when going out for a walk.

When choosing a harness, fitness is superior than other consideration factors (pattern, material, brand…etc.). If the harness is too tight, it will be uncomfortable for them to walk. If it is too loose, your Shiba Inu is smart enough to notice this opportunity of ‘freedom’, and they are quite capable of figuring out a way to get rid of the harness and run off !

Off-leash Walking

Off-leash walking is not recommended for Shiba Inu. They are of hunt dog nature and like to chase birds and run off freely. Chasing a running off Shiba is a despairing experience that you don’t want to have. However, we do have quite a few AKAKUMO members able to walk their Shiba Inu well without a leash. Again, this is based on strong trusting relationship the dog has with their owner and individual Shiba’s personality. If you do want to try this training, make sure you start the training of calling back in a fenced dog park first. Also, having a daily routine of outdoor walking is helpful, so your Shiba Inu doesn’t get over excited when they going outside.

Boy v.s. Girl

Walking a male and female Shiba Inu is quite different. You should also consider this when choosing your puppy. Generally speaking, walking a girl Shiba is easier. They walk in a nice slow pace with the owner. 30-40minutes’ walking a day is adequate for them. On the other hand, boys are more energetic and more excited about going out. They may attempt to take the walker running with them, or in general, walking in a faster pace and longer time than girls. But, if you are athletic and enjoy a regular jogging, a Shiba Boy will be your best exercising mate.