Mameshiba 豆柴

“Mame” means a bean in Japanease. So, the word “Mame” is an adjective that means small like a bean. Mameshiba豆柴 is small in size, but inherits the character of Shiba Inu with its simple dignity and physical strength.

TheMame Shiba inu is the pedigree Shiba Inu. But Japan Kennel Club, incorporated association for Japanese dogs, now do not register “Mame Shiba inu” as formal dog breed name. Mame Shiba inu, though it is the convenient name of small-bodied Shiba inu, is known around Japanese dog lovers in Japan.

The natural monument Shiba Inu Conservation Society (common name: Shibaho) has established a section 小柴 “Koshiba” (Small Shiba) for those whose body height is about 30 cm and registered. The ideal thing for this group is that it is close to the skeleton of a dog found in the remains of the Jomon period.

Since smaller dogs were found in the ruins than the standard Shiba Inu, many thought that the small Shiba Inu was not an abnormal dwarf, but a property that originally existed. Dogs in the “small shiba” category are kept without crossing with standard size Shiba dogs, and even if the body is small, ideal Shiba dogs will be given a title.

As of May 2018, the organizations that publish a pedigree book that specifies “Mameshiba” as a standard separately from Shiba Inu and “Mameshiba” are the Japan Social Welfare Pet Dog Association (KC Japan) and the Japan Mameshiba Dog Association (JMA). ) Only.

Body Size

Male height: 30~34cm(Normal Shiba Inu: 38~41cm)

Female height: 28~32cm( Normal Shiba Inu: 35~38cm)

It is small but has a tough and firm body.


Seen from the front, it has a slightly more rounded shape than the Shiba Inu. Wide and flat foreheads, narrow or wrinkled are not preferred. The stop (frame) is slightly deeper than the Shiba Inu, and has a cheerful cheek that is rich and rich.


It’s a small, triangular shape, and it’s a “earing ear” that stands up with a slight tilt. Thick ones are preferred.


A slightly gentle triangle with power. The ideal color is dark brown.


The male is a little short, and it is full and rounded. Females are slightly thinner than males, but they have a strong strength.


The nose is black for all hair colors. It is said that it is better to keep them small.


Fully developed and powerful ‘egg’ shape.

 Back and Waist

A straight line from the back to the waist and the base of the tail.


It is a thick and powerful “rolling tail,” or a “sail” that extends like a sickle toward your back.

 Limbs (front legs / hind legs)

The hind legs have a stronger structure than the front legs.


Double coat with upper and lower hair. The upper hair has hard straight hair and the lower hair has soft and dense fluff.

Coat color

There are red, black, sesame, and white. For red, black and sesame, it is essential to have a “white back” that is white hair from under the chin to under the neck, chest and stomach. White is not pure white but has a light cream color.

Personality of Mameshiba

It is basically the same as the Shiba Inu, but as a small family dog, the personality is bright and friendly, and the character must not be shy.