The Four Coat Colours

Shiba Inu has four coat colours: Red, Black, Saseme and White.

Red coating accounts for 80% of Shiba inu population. Black is about 10%, white is 7%, and saseme is only about 3%

The bristles of the Shiba Inu have lightest colour at the roots of the hair near the skin, then becomes darker shades in the middle. The ends are bright, and lighter or darker at the tip. If the color is the same from hair root to hair tail, there is no shade, the purity of its bloodline will be questioned.

No matter what kind of hair color, ‘裹白’ (Inner white) is an important feature. Cheeks, jaw, under neck, chest, abdomen, and inside of limbs should be white.

赤柴 Red

Red is the most common color in Shiba Inu, and a little black hair is allowed on the body.

Many red puppies have dark nose and dark hair when they are little. The dark soft fur will fade away and new red bristles will grow out as they grow up. For some, it can take up to 2 years to turn ‘complete’ red. There is also chance that a little black hair will remain on the back. This is quite normal.

More than 80% of Shiba Inu have red coat colour. The contrast between red and white looks very beautiful, and can make people feel the dog’s grace.

黑柴 Black and Tan

Black and Tan is also one of the common Shiba Inu colours.

The black hair is not all black, but has a small dark hue called rust brown. From the surface, the hair color is black and shiny.

It is characterized by the yellowish brown on the eyes, and the clear shape of the dotted ‘eyebrow’ is also popular. ‘Butterfly’ chest mark is considered the best pattern. ‘Bow tie’ shape is the 2nd best chest mark. Red colour should be present between white and black on the four legs.

白柴 White

White hair lacks colour pigments, appearing pure white on face and legs, and most of them have light yellow-orange hair mixed at ears and back.

White Shiba Inu’s nose is prone to melanin deficiency, and the color is slightly pink, but some may have black nose.

White shiba inu is less likely to be bred than Red and Black and Tan, so white shiba inu is also considered a “relatively precious” Shiba Inu.

However, white hair color is considered to be a “disqualified colour” in show.

胡麻柴 Sesame

The Saseme colour is special, which refers to the hair color that is properly mixed with red, white, and black hairs, formed in a finely balanced color.

Saseme coating is rare. The Saseme – colored Shiba Inu is only about 2.5% -3% of the population.

Compared to other coats, the Saseme – colored Shiba Inu is slightly longer. Because it is very strong and bristly, most Saseme – colored Shiba Inu have good hair quality.

Red dominant sesame-colored hair is called Red Saseme 赤胡麻;

Black dominant sesame-colored hair is called Black Saseme 黑胡麻;